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 Green Dragon Guide: Chaos Tunnels

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PostSubject: Green Dragon Guide: Chaos Tunnels   Sun Oct 11, 2009 8:17 am

Green Dragon (Chaos Tunnels) Guide

i. Contents

    I. Intro and Location
    II. Reccomended Stats/Setup
    III. Slaying the Dragons
    IV. Credits

I. Intro and Location

Green dragons are the weakest adult dragons you can fight in Runescape. They are only located within the wilderness, that is, including the Chaos Tunnels. This guide will discuss how to efficiently kill the green dragons located in the Chaos Tunnels. Why there? Because, it's in general a lot less crowded than the wilderness, and even if there is some competition, so you actually have the ability to steal kills to your liking.

Green Dragon
Level 79. Hp: 75
Attack style: Melee and Dragonfire


    100% Drops: Green Dragon Hide. Dragon bones.
    Rune full helmet*****
    Rune kiteshield*****
    Steel full helm*
    Steel platelegs*
    Mithril kiteshield *
    Adamant full helmet*
    Adamant med helm****
    Steel battleaxe*
    Mithril hatchet*
    Mithril spear**
    Rune dagger**
    Rune javelin****
    Water rune (75)*
    Fire rune (37)*
    Nature rune (15, 30, 75)*
    Law rune (3)***
    Uncut Gems (saph-diamond)*-****
    Charm drops: Green>Crimson>Gold>Blue
    Grimy Herbs (Ranarr, Kuwarm)
    Coins (11-440)*
    Nature talisman***
    Adamant ore**
    Half key***
    Level 3 Clue Scroll fairly rare**
    Dragon square shield left half****
    Green dragon egg****

*-*****: Drop rarity
Yellow: Drops to alch (If you choose to bring alch casts with you)
Bold: Keep these drops
Red: Throw away drops
Italic: Keep at your consent


To get there, teleport to the wilderness volcano with a games necklace. Bank there, then run south to the chaos tunnels entrance near the Stealing Creation minigame. Then run to the northeast portal in the room you enter, and you're there. Simple huh?

II. Setup

Reccomended Stats:
60 Attack, Strength, and Defense is really all you'll need here. Any more is bonus.

Your gear/inventory should be something like this:

The gear I use is defense oriented, for more efficient runs. The amount of food/what type you bring varies on your stats and armor. I went with this setup and had quite a few left over monks, so experiment during your first few runs to find out what works best.


    Helm: Anything above Addy full helm
    Amulet: Fury > Glory > Power/Strength
    Body: Anything above Addy Platebody
    Legs: Anything above Addy Platelegs
    Boots: Dragon > Rune > Climbing > anything else really
    Ring: Whatever you want, I bring wealth, not sure why since most of the money you get comes from the 100% drops Razz
    Shield: Anti-dragon or Dragonfire shield
    Weapon: Whip > Dscim > Dlong > Dds > Rune scimmy
    Gloves: Barrows > Dragon > Regen > Combat Bracelet > Best vambraces you've got
    Cape: Fire cape > Trimmed Cape of Achievement > Obsidian > Cape of achievement > Legends cape > any other or none.


    Food: Anything between Lobs and Monks. Sharks are overkill. Bring about 12 your first run and see how many you use, decrease/increase the amount you need accordingly.
    Games Necklace
    Familiar: Pack Yak > Tortoise > Tbird > Bull ant > Kalphite


    High Alchemy Casts
    Super att/str potions
    Weapon for special attack: Enchanted excalibur or dds

III. Slaying the Dragons

Green dragons are quite weak and you really shouldn't have much trouble with them at all at most levels.

As seen in the map from section 1, there are three green dragons in that area of the Chaos Tunnels. Typically, you will kill dragon #1(see map for numbers), then either stay there waiting for it to respawn, or go to dragon #2. The crowdedness of the area is usually what decides what you do.

As also seen in the map, each dragon is by a few baby black dragons. They aren't really a threat, and there's an easy way to deal with them.
Around there are a bunch of tiny notches in the walls. If you go in them, usually the baby black dragons will get stuck behind the green dragon, and you can kill it without being attacked by baby black dragons. See the below image for one example of how to lure the green dragon (aka, traping the baby black dragons).

As you can see, I simply ran to the right, straight through the dragon, but the baby black dragons didn't (and can't) follow me.

So basically, to get the baby black dragons off of you, run through the green dragon. They can't run through them like you can Smile

Don't be a noob! Trap your baby black dragons!

(That was Sp3x btw, lol)

Kill Stealing and Kill Stealers:
Since the Chaos Tunnels are multi-combat, this means you have the ability to steal kills from other players. Adversly, they can also steal kills from you.
Kill stealing is usually considered bm (bad mannered) and I don't really reccomended; however, protecting against a kill stealer isn't. If someone comes and tries to steal your kills, try using prayer (piety) or potting up on your next trip (if you weren't potting up already). Occasionally, you'll have to just give up your world because they are a lot higher combat than you, and there'll be no way for you to get the kills.

This is what your inventory/familiar should look like at the end of a run:

As you can see, I brought too much food for the amount of defense I have. Figure out how much food works for you with your defense/armor. If your familiar and inventory aren't full, bring more. If you run out of space, bring less.
Never keep a hide over a dragon bone, and never bury your bones

Teleport to the Wildnerness Volcano with your games necklace. Bank there and then gear up for another run!

IV. Credits
Godel: Guide Author. This guide may not be posted anywhere else unless I personally post it.
RSWiki: Provided drop list and the Green Dragon image. One of the best RS fansites Smile

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Green Dragon Guide: Chaos Tunnels
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