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 To Sp3x and to all.

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PostSubject: To Sp3x and to all.   Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:52 pm

Okay guys id like to say im sorry for what happen today in the Clan Chat about me talking in a bad way to everyone, id also like to say sorry to sp3x for what i did.. i put to much pressure on him and to tell him what to do, which wasn't a good idea. I was just trying to make the clan better for everyone, so the clan can be fun and entertaining for all of you guys.. but it seems like my suggestion didn't work out well. Id like to say im sorry to Sp3x's Lost, I didn't know.. i shouldn't have argued with him cause he wasn't really happy. Sp3x i do not want you to give up on your clan, you do it your way.. i'll listen to what ever you say cause your the leader. Im really really really sorry for all this, If you want me to leave i could, if you want me to stay, i could give it another chance. Ill try to do my job to make you happy. And again im really really sorry for all this problem.

Ash, Iloveslayer
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To Sp3x and to all.
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