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 Nasreth's Guide to Aviansies

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PostSubject: Nasreth's Guide to Aviansies   Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:50 am

Nasreth’s Guide to Aviansies

What are Aviansies?
~ Aviansies are the minions of Armadyl in the God Wars dungeon. These beasts are winged and fly above the ground at all times. Due to their flying nature, they can only be harmed by range and magic attacks.

Why kill Aviansies?
Aviansies drop numerous things of value, but the main reason that people will often kill them is to get adamant bars in noted form, of which they drop 4 of a time very often. Depending on your ranged level, how crowded the area is, and the current price of adamant bars, you can make a lot of money here! 200k-500k an hour is a safe range to expect, as it largely depends on the price of the adamant bars.

The Outfit
There is a lot of room for innovation here, so I will simply tell you the guidelines and then show you what I personally use.

It is important to maximize your ranged defense and ranged attack simultaneously. Depending on your personal ranged level and defense level, you will want to tweak your outfit to best suit you. It is also important to know that while in the God Wars Dungeon monsters of a certain God will not attack you if you are wearing an article of clothing that matches them. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you wear a piece of Saradomin, Zamorak, and Armadyl* when killing aviansies. Bandos boots are also recommended although not necessary in this particular guide and you will see why later.

*When following a pure set up, an Armadyl piece is not necessary.

Here is what I wear

Ring of Wealth is optional, and can be switched out with archers ring or whatever else floats your boat. This outfit provides me with enough defense and enough ranged attack bonus to get through aviansies quickly while taking little damage. Other options for higher defense are below. The mud staff is so that you can cast bones to peaches and can be replaced with bones to peaches tabs. The law runes and fire staff are your teleport to Trollheim. If you have not unlocked this teleport then I recommend you complete Eadgar’s Ruse or the walk will be long. You will still need the nature runes to alchemy rune daggers p+ and runite limbs.

Helm: Armadyl Helmet//Barrows Helm//God Coif
Amulet: Fury//Glory//Armadyl Pendant//Holy or Unholy Symbol
Body: Armadyl Chest Plate//God D’hide top//Black D’hide top//Barrows Top (not recommended)
Legs: Armadyl Skirt//God chaps//Black D’hide chaps//Barrows Legs//Zamorak or Saradomin Skirt
Boots: Bandos Boots//Ranger Boots//Snakeskin Boots*
Gloves: Barrows Gloves//God vambraces//Black vambraces
Shield: Dragonfire Shield//Granite Shield//Obsidian Shield
Bolts: Broad Bolts//Mithril Bolts
Cape: Accumulator//God Cloak**

*Don’t bother wearing dragon boots, they provide no ranged defence and take away from your ranged attack
**If you don’t have an accumulator and don’t want to buy a God Cloak, I highly recommend you do animal magnetism.

The Pure Outfit

Zamorak Coif is very optional, can be replaced with a number of things. I simply included it as it provides decent ranged attack bonus and can be used instead of the unholy book if you do not have one. This inventory will help you last at aviansies for an extremely long time, even with 1 defense. Although the prayer potions are expensive, you will still gain a decent profit from the aviansies. The holy wrench is optional as well as the Trollheim teleport, and are dependent on whether you have done the quests. You also might want to bring an emergency piece of food or 2, but that is up to you.

Many things can be substituted in this outfit, just make sure you have at least one item from Zamorak and one item from Saradomin. It is not necessary to have an Armadyl item, since you will be praying protect range the entire time! The goal of this outfit is to maximize prayer so that a 1 defense pure can still kill aviansies.

How to Get There

The Green Path is what you would take if you used a games necklace to teleport to Buthorpe. The Red path is the path you would take if you did a Trollheim Teleport. Then you must use either your 70 strength or 70 agility to gain access to an area where your running speed will be drained as well as all of your other stats at a slow pace. Once past the white wolves and this area you will find yourself inside of the God Wars Dungeon.

The map below is of the God Wars dungeon. The red region and green region are two of the best Aviansie killing locations inside. In each spot you will find several aviansies from level 69 to 91 as well as a level 138 every now and then which you will ignore. The blue marked area inide the red area is where I generally go to hunt aviansies, this is because there are often fewer people there due to bandos’ followers, and this is why it is useful to have the bandos boots. The green area is often occupied by several people but you should still be able to get at least one aviansie there.

The Strategy
Tanking is the strategy that most people use when killing aviansies. The general idea is that you bring an inventory worth of food as well as bones to peaches casts or tabs, and when you eat a piece of food, you pick up a pile of bones from one of your kills. When you are out of food and have a full inventory of bones, you cast bones to peaches which turns all of the bones into peaches which heal 8 health each, thus allowing you to stay at aviansies for as long as you want!

The Pure Strategy
Simply turn on protect from range and fire away! Drink a prayer potion dose when you are about to run out and continue praying, it's that simple! This method is obviously less efficient that tanking as you must spend money on the potions and cannot stay for as long as you like, but the method is still effective.

Aviansie Drops ~ What to keep? (* = high alchemy, ** = at your discretion)
Rune Dagger (p+)*
Rune Spear*
Dragon Spear
Blood Runes**
Nature Runes
Runite Limb*
Adamant Bar Notes
Half Key
Half Shield
Ranarrs & Snapdragons
Clue Scroll (Level 3)

That's It! Hope you enjoyed & this helps![center]

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PostSubject: Re: Nasreth's Guide to Aviansies   Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:43 pm

Changes that must be made:
-Better/correct gear setup for pure/praying setup
-Better inventory setup for tanker: They drop water runes, brining a lava + mud staff is pointless. Lava alone does the job, and plus you don't really cast b2p frequently anyways.
-Less dense text: The paragraph under the inventory setups look like giant walls of text. Use some line breaks. They may miss the fact that you need to bring b2p casts. They go buy a mud staff, get there, and they're like wtf do I do with this? REMEMBER, pictures are more important than words. You can't have a good guide with only pictures, but a guide that people won't read due to dense text isn't a good guide either.
-Coding error at the bottom (random [center] floating there)

-Few people are able to cast b2p, so they may look at that inventory and be like "wut." You may want to take a screenshot using a more standard inventory setup.
-Tbh, perfection is expected. Of course, perfection isn't really possible for most guides, but something close to it is required.
-Don't think I'm judging too hard either, this guide probably wouldn't be accepted on most major fansites. This is the hardest job for a reason.
-Remember, I'm not the only one that can check your guide. Your guide is subject to review by other members as well. To change or not to change then will be at your own descretion, unless I also agree that those changes should be made.

About the new rule:
The new rule that states all images must be PNG or HQ JPG(made in photoshop) won't apply to this guide, via grandfather clause.

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Nasreth's Guide to Aviansies
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