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 Ghostly Warrior Killing Guide

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PostSubject: Ghostly Warrior Killing Guide   Mon Nov 02, 2009 2:23 am

Ghostly Warriors

i. Table of Contents

    I. Intro/Drops/Reqs
    II. Gear/Reccomendations
    III. Location/Directions
    IV. Fighting
    V. Credits

I. Introduction/Drops/Reqs

Ghostly Warriors are the ghosts of the magic axes in the axe hut, that exist in the spirit realm. They are ghosts, and therefor undead, so salve amulet will work on them. Also, because they are ghosts, you can also do any ghost slayer tasks you get here if you so wish.
Also, like the axe hut, you will need a lockpick to get in, but that's explained below.

So why go here? Well...
They're undead, so you can use salve(e) for massive melee bonuses.
They're weak, so you rarely need healing (note that you WILL need healing)
They auto retaliate for a while, meaning you can leave your character there, look away for a minute, and return to claim the loot.

Drops of Ghostly Warriors:

    10-30 Cosmic runes
    20-53 Mind Runes
    5-20 Chaos Runes
    1-5 Soul Runes
  • Steel full helm
  • Steel platebody
  • Steel platelegs
    Nature talisman
    Uncut gems (saph-diamond)
    Half of a key
    5 Rune javelins
  • Rune spear
  • Dragon spear
  • Shield left half
    Spirit Shield

The bulleted entries are drops you should alch. Your cash pile will become very large from alchs, espically if you get lucky and get a rune spear or one of those drops

Gems: If you wish to stay for a long time without having to bank, bring a chisel to cut and drop sapphires for free crafting exp.
For maxium profit, do not cut gems you plan to keep. You should only cut the gems that you plan to cut, drop, or use yourself later.

So bascally, there are 3 ways to manage your gems:
  • If you wish to get the most profit possible, keep the sapphires and don't cut them. This will make your trips very short.
  • For good length trips, cut your sapphires and drop them or cut them into bolt tips (reccomended to just drop them though, sapphire bolt tips are like nothing)
  • For REALLY long trips, cut your emeralds into bolt tips (since they're worth it compared to sapphires).

They will drop LOTS of runes. See the "trip loot" image, right under this list.

The spirit shield, dragon drops, and half key drops are very rare. I killed a few thousand and only got 1 key half (though maybe I missed a drop? lol Sad ).

Junk drops are nature talismen and rune javs. Both are kinda rare so you may not want to keep either, but the javs stack, so your call on that.

This is typical loot you will get from a normal trip (a few hours):

Quest Requirements:
Haunted Mine Quest Tarn's Lair Miniquest: Yes, I'm setting this as a requirement. The 20% attack and str bonus from Salve(e) is extremely helpful.
^ 40 Slayer because of this
Spirit of Summer quest (Summer's End not needed)

Skill Requirements:
60 Att/str/def is all that's really needed, though more is reccomended.

Other Requirements:
Some method of healing:
Enchanted Excalibur from completing all of Seers Village Achivement Diary is the best.
Guthans can substitute the excalibur.
Bunyip or void spinner CAN be used as an alternative as well, but is not reccomended, as you'll need multiple pouches and summoning(or super restore) potions.

II. Gear/Reccomendations

Ultimate defense or weaponry won't be needed to kill these guys effectively. They're level 42 and have a max hit of 5 or so.

This is what I take:

Substitute ss if you're wanting to train strength.

Amulet should be Salve(e). See a Haunted Mine Quest guide and Tarn's Lair Miniquest guide to learn how to get them.

Degrading armor like barrows isn't reccomended, as you'll be there a while. It will pay for itself, but still. Feel free to take bandos instead of this, this is just a cheap setup anyways. I wouldn't take anything under rune.

You should have a forinthry bracelet and Jennica's ring, as well as swaps for a different ring and gloves in inventory.

Don't forget a chisel and your lockpick.

You can bring a staff that gives you infinite fire runes and switch to it when you need to alch instead of bringing a pile of fire runes, please don't alch your weapon though.

YOU WILL NEED A HEALING METHOD! Enchanted Excalibur is the best. Second to that is Guthans. Familiars and food aren't reccomended, as they'll clog up your inventory; however, enchanted excalibur is over all best.

III. Location/Directions

Ghostly Warriors are located in the spirit realm attached to the axe hut, so it's in very high wilderness. After you get into the spirit realm though, it is no longer considered wilderness, so no need to worry about revs there.

The quickest way to the axe hut is from the Ardy lever, go to Ardougne and take the deep wildy teleport lever (alternatively, you can take the lever from Edgeville)

Wear Jennica's Ring and operate it while standing on the portal.

This is what the spirit realm there looks like:

IV. Fighting

Fighting them is pretty straight forward. You enter the hut and let them attack you, you auto retaliate, and get drops.

You will get lots and lots of runes as well as lots and lots of steel pl8legs/body and full helms. Alch the steel drops for mass cash Smile

Just like almost any other monsters in runescape, they will stop atomatically attacking you after 10-15 minutes. To reaggrivate them, you will do what I called "Hellhound Tag"

Exit the spirit realm (go over the portal, equip jennica's ring, and operate it--or just walk to the edge of the area) and return to level 55 wilderness.

EQUIP YOUR FORINTHRY BRACELET! If you get teleblocked by a revenant, it could end badly. If you even see a revenant, turn on protect from magic!

Run alittle south and you'll see some Hellhounds(see the map in section III). Smack one. After that, run back to the axe hut and return to the spirit realm. Be sure to reequip your normal gloves/ring once you get back there.

Tag you're it!

Run back and reenter the spirit realm and pick that lock!

Gl on loot Very Happy These guys are great to just go kill and look away for 1-2 minutes Smile

V. Credits

Godel - Author. Only I may repost this guide.
Rswiki - Drop list for and image of Warrior

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Ghostly Warrior Killing Guide
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